Caring for your LobsterBand Ring

Due to the nature of the materials used in your LobsterBand Ring, there may be some natural tarnishing where the rubber touches the sterling silver.

If this naturally occurring phenomenon is a bother to you, Tegan will be happy to re-polish your LobsterBand Ring for free. Just send an email to: Tegan@LobsterBandRings.com and you'll have your ring back in no time. Of course, you can always use a standard silver tarnish remover — found at virtually any grocery store to keep your LobsterBand Ring looking shiny and new. One last option is to simply leave the tarnishing alone, as it is not harmful the silver at all! 


Sizing for your LobsterBand Ring

LobsterBand Rings are wide and chunky — and they look great on any finger, for men and for women! The rings are made in whole sizes only. For any questions, Just email: Tegan@LobsterBandRings.com and she will help you figure out the proper size for you.