LobsterBand Rings

Growing up in Maine, summers are filled with beach walking and treasure hunting. The sound of fishing boats through the fog. The evidence of their hard work washing up on the shore in bits and pieces, as you jump from rock to rock.

Finding the various colored lobster bands among bits of mussel shells, sea glass, and perfect beach stones is how jeweler Tegan Curry hatched the idea for the LobsterBand Ring. Loosely called "Downeast Weddin' Bands", the tiny rubber bands are put on the claws of lobsters when they are caught so the fishermen can keep their fingers.

Your ring is made to fit the lobsterbands that come with it, and extra bands are availabe upon request. You will receive at least 4 colors with your ring, but please feel free to collect any other color from your next lobster feast or fisherman neighbor. The lobster bands are made in different widths, so all may not fit on your ring —but they can easily be trimmed to size if needed.


Tegan Curry

Tegan grew up in Bar Harbor and spent the summers on the ocean working for her Dad, and exploring around Frenchman Bay with her brother in his row boat. She found herself spending most of her time in the art room through high school, and moved on to achieve a BFA at Maine College of Art. Metalsmithing and jewelry making is what Tegan has focused on for the past twelve years, and she currently has six other lines of jewelry. The LobsterBand Ring project is a new and exciting venture that stands alone from her other work. Currently living in Portland, Tegan is always creating new designs to add to her growing jewelry business.